Flexible insurance solutions that add value and increase potential profit

What we bring to the table

Market Intelligence

Keeping you “in the know”

Program Management

Specialists At The Helm

RFP Services

Navigating the world of travel insurance

McGovern Associates can help optimize any aspect of your business that touches on travel insurance – from initial plan design to the point at which the traveler decides to purchase insurance. McGovern Associates tailors its services to match our clients’ business requirements by providing:

  • Comprehensive program reviews
  • Insurance plan redesign
  • Travel insurance policy consulting
  • Strategic negotiations with insurance companies
  • Providing marketplace intelligence
  • Improving the insurance process within the organization

We make it possible to earn increased profits:

We are knowledgeable about every expense component involved with operating a travel insurance program from the perspective of both the plan administrator and underwriter. We are skilled in assessing and implementing enhanced travel insurance plans that will save you valuable time, while maximizing your firm’s revenue.