Our products focus on protecting the travel professional’s best interests.


McGovern Associates has many resources available to produce superior plans designed to protect your clients before and during travel. Our products focus on protecting the travel professional’s best interests. Great detail goes into our end product which can include any combination of the below features/benefits:


Trip cancellation coverage represents the lion’s share of travel insurance claims. As such, our plans offer the largest number of reasons allowed for trip cancellation. They are included to help sway your clients and travel agents toward your program. Whether you are dealing with inclement weather that prevents travel to facing a sudden serious medical condition, the travelers’ investment is protected.

Primary medical coverage ensures your client is spared the need to ever submit a claim to their major medical policy or Medicare plan. Our program avoids this inconvenience as it is the first and only insurance that pays your client’s medical expenses.

In keeping with the latest travel trends, our protection plans are designed with current world events in mind. i.e. political evacuation coverage: originally designed for diplomats and top level executives exclusively, it is now available to your travelers. This search and rescue insurance includes lifesaving protection against today’s new travel perils.

If your client has an unfortunate event placing them in a hospital overseas, wouldn’t it be nice upon leaving the facility to know that their medical bills were being paid on their behalf, that a nearby hotel room is booked and ready for them and a one way air ticket home has been arranged, all pre-paid by the insurance company? Rest assured that Real Time benefits will make this happen.


Travel suppliers take the time and expense to market a protection plan to their travel base as an important ancillary service. Therefore, we take the time and make the effort to negotiate on your behalf to earn the highest fees for doing so.

When the year draws to a close, and it is calculated that claims are not as large as the insurance company anticipated, we include a profit share arrangement allowing you, the travel supplier to share in these excess funds.

Providing travel protection to your clients assumes tour company liability. Our agreements include a hold harmless clause indemnifying and transferring insurance risk away from you to the travel insurance underwriter.

We analyze your current administrative process and with our findings, offer a solution that is complementary to your operations and minimizes your efforts in managing a custom tailored protection program.

The management team behind McGovern Associates has a long history working with a myriad of tour operators, cruise lines, OTA’s, and airlines carriers. Our clients include some of the most respected travel companies in the United States.